What You Get From DSC2U

The caregiver will instantly receive two personalized documents, accessible through their own password-protected account in DSC2U: one for themselves and one to share with their primary healthcare provider. These documents contain customized suggestions that are designed to help their loved one get healthcare tailored to their own specific needs. The documents are based on the caregiver's answers to the DSC2U survey, and draw on national guidelines for the care of persons with Down syndrome.

DSC2U does not offer direct access to physicians at Massachusetts General Hospital, nor does it offer caregivers access to MGH physicians by e-mail, text, phone, or videoconference. DSC2U offers instead the most current recommendations and resources to caregivers through personalized online documents.

Here are some examples of what caregivers can expect from DSC2U

Caregiver Checklist Sample

Here are some examples of what primary care providers can expect from DSC2U

Provider Plan Sample